Indications for Use-Retainers (further referred to as appliance)

The VAKT Orthodontic Retainers are indicated for use in maintaining the alignment of permanent teeth.

  • Wear your VAKT Retainers per your doctor’s instructions, usually 6-8 hours per day, typically while sleeping.
  • Insert as per Aligners
  • Daily maintenance and care as per Aligners. 


  • Immediately rinse Aligner with water, shake off excess water, and store your Aligners in the protective case provided.
  • To help prevent damage to the Aligners, avoid unnecessary removal.
  • Take care in removing your Aligners, especially if multiple attachments are being used.
  • Do not use excessive force to bend or twist an Aligner to get it off.
  • Do not use sharp objects to remove your Aligners.
  • Consult with your doctor if your Aligners are extremely difficult to remove.